How To Catch Online Dating Fraud, Best Help For You

Internet chattingThis is what attracted Rahul to her. Her id was also sexy – ‘Sexyritu’. She gotta be sexy!!!

Ever since he migrated to India’s youth capital Pune he wanted to have a date for some fun, masti, lovely weekends..his circle of friends in college are very boring. Most of them don’t drink that much, busy in studies, movies or going to hill stations without any girls. Rahul never had girlfriends earlier. Actually, in his small town, there are no sexy girls too. Pune is the place to get a good one.

The profile says she is 21, MBA student and also lives alone in a PG. She is seemingly smart and beautiful.  Thinking that she is the ideal match for him, Rahul pinged her on the dating site –

  • Hey, this is Rahul here…

She introduced herself as a slut..and showed interested in sex. Rahul had been very unlucky in these matters so far. His parents were very restrictive and those small town girls are so much boring. They want to get married first..heh.

Rahul jumped to his feet and continued the conversation. Now she was asking his details and he was giving all information without even thinking. He gave his location, email id and also phone number. So that Ritu or whatever her name is (he doesn’t care about her name anymore) can call him and make appointments…WOW, what a night tonight..he jumped in joy.

Suddenly she changes her tone over chat and starts accusing him of being involved in a sex racket, and human trafficking. Shocked, he started explaining that she is the one who wanted to have sex and introduced herself as a slut, so he gave away his details and phone number.

She threatened him with dire consequences and multiple criminal cases and coming to his house with police for his alleged involvement in human trafficking and selling women for money. The thrill vanished in a minute, he constantly begged her mercy for even agreeing to what she has proposed first and pleaded her not to go to the police.

Initially, she was very adamant but later she calmed down and agreed to forget his misbehavior if he pays her some money. He immediately agreed. She asked Rs. 50000. ‘Fifty Thousand’….are you kidding me? My pocket money is only 2000 per month. Can’t you please reduce the sum..he pleaded.

Bargaining took some time and some more cries. The final deal was for 20K. It was decided that she will contact him after three days and tell him where to deliver. She also said she is considering his request only because he is a student and very young.

Rahul couldn’t sleep that night. Nor could he understand what he could do. He didn’t do any crime. Leave alone human trafficking or luring a girl for sex, he never even had a steady girlfriend, too. Then why???

He didn’t discuss the matter with anyone as all his friends would have blamed him for his mistake. They could have even blamed him for this and stopped all connections. Also, he was not sure how he will manage to get so much money.

He wanted to understand how many years in jail he will undergo if that girl goes to the police. He was searching the net when he found someone on Facebook who seemed knowledgeable about Indian laws and fighting against the biased laws. He calls himself an MRA. Rahul didn’t know what that shit means and didn’t care too. He only wanted his problem to be resolved. They didn’t know each other directly but it seemed to him that this unknown MRA could help him or at least guide him through next steps.

At first, his friend was not sure about what was the crime committed by Rahul. So he gave his number to the young lad to call him up. They discussed the whole thing at length and the rest is history…

This time she pinged him after three days, ‘ the money ready??” was her question. Rahul followed exactly what his new-found MRA friend suggested. Hit back to her and tell her that he would go to the police instead as she was trying to blackmail him. To his surprise, her tone changed in no time. Now she started pleading not guilty and requested him not to do anything as she has done everything for ‘FUN’. ‘I really didn’t mean anything, please don’t go to the police’, she said.

No Rahul didn’t ask for money in lieu of his silence as that would have been another blackmailing. Rahul didn’t go to the police as well, as he didn’t want unnecessary trouble for him. He has reported the incident to the dating website and got her profile blocked.

Indian men reading this, need to understand the following –

1. You don’t need to commit any crime to have a criminal case registered against you by a woman.

2. Intimidation in the name of rape is common in India and so is the related extortion (See – Politics of Rape in India).

3. Never give in to any kind of legal terrorism, that creates an imbalance in the society.

4. Know the laws of the land, if you are unaware of the laws that don’t prove your innocence or give you an advantage in the eyes of law.

5. Fight for your rights in the country. Because as a man you have no legal rights in women related crimes or crimes against women, whereas everyone around you perceives yourself as having all the legal rights under the sun.

Take Care.


  1. This is absolutely outstanding post Partha!!

    This is the real public service. This is the hard facts of life of a man in India.
    These are the stories which are not unknown and can strike anyone and trust me, they strike too many. You have to be LUCKY for not being hit.

    People think such things dont happen as most of the Rahul’s in India pay 20K to get out of it and hence secrets are burnt deep inside the disconnected phone lines.


  2. Awesome lesson through this short story. Guys this happens for real. Men are not safe in India and you need not be a criminal to be slapped with a law related to crime against women. Beware!!

    Liked by 1 person

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